Seriously? Another Chick Downtown Coupon Code

I don’t know who’s in charge of their e-mail marketing, but they might want to not send more than one coupon out a day…I’m just saying…The one I posted below is better if you’re spending $1000, otherwise, use this one.

***(updated 3/4/09) buyer beware!!! I’ve recently heard more and more consistent complaints about Chick Downtown’s customer service (most center around not receiving refunds for items returned, and not being able to get in touch with customer service) and decided to NOT post anymore codes from them. I understand that many people have probably also had good experiences with Chick Downtown, but from what I see, the bad outweighs the good. Check the Complaints Board for some examples of complaints, and if you have had either a bad or good experience with Chick Downtown, please leave a comment and let your fellow shoppers know!!***

chick downtown coupon code