new poll: budget shopping

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I’ll admit it, I went a teeny bit over budget this month, I could not resist the Shopbop codes….what about you??


  1. lisaNo Gravatar December 23, 2008 / 2:13 pm

    i couldnt resist a lot of this months coupon codes.. i went a bit crazy! i dont place myself on a budget b/c some months i see nothing i love and others there are tons of things…if you love something.. buy it – you may never have the chance again!

    • grechenNo Gravatar December 23, 2008 / 2:19 pm

      amen lisa!! but i do have to qualify that with “if you can afford it” 🙂 i always use sales and coupons to stock up on basics, and totally believe in buying multiples of things you love.

  2. DJ NelsonNo Gravatar December 23, 2008 / 6:15 pm

    I spent under $100 and I’m proud of it! I’m the creative/frugal/coupon clipping/sale shopping NOT last minute Queen.

    I must add my husband and I are not exchanging gifts because we are going on vacation. But even still, I don’t spend like crazy in December. And I believe in shopping throughout the year and not all at the last minute.

    You have to think past one day. My bank account is very happy.