Inhabit Cashmere Summer Clearance + $20 off

Inhabit’s put all their winter/spring items on sale + when you use code ELEGANCE you’ll get $20 off ONE item! There are so many good things….

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Terry striped drape crew | $48 after $20 off
Cashmere thermal crew | $84 after $20 off
Cashmere weekend v-neck | $84 after $20 off
Cashmere stretch crew cardigan | $84 after $20 off (I have found that the cashmere stretch pills more quickly than 100% cashmere – I don’t find it that bad, but just be aware!)


  1. janeenNo Gravatar August 27, 2013 / 9:25 pm

    Buyer beware on this sale.
    I placed an order 12 hours ago for two items–two cashmere sweaters–and Inhabit shipped one item several hours before notifying me that the other item I ordered is now, bizarrely, out of stock.
    Not sure how this happened since I ordered and paid for the first sweater 12 hours before it went ‘missing.’
    Either way, Inhabit should never have charged my card for the first sweater and, even more egregiously, shipped it, without notifying me of their inability to fulfill my ENTIRE order.
    It’s unprofessional, aggravating, and now I have to deal with Amex to cancel the whole order.
    Isn’t this supposed to be a luxury brand??