25% off 360 Cashmere Skull Prints at Shop Dress // Exclusive!

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Use code GC25 at Shop Dress for an extra 25% off all 360 Cashmere (offer is NOT valid on anything else on the site, only on 360 Cashmere). Expires 2/23/2014.

360 Cashmere Stripey Skull V-Neck in Ivory/Navy | $215 after the code (my favorite!)
360 Cashmere Jackie Dee Skull Crew in Dove/Navy | $215 after the code
360 Cashmere Stripey Skull V-Neck in Dove/Rosita | $215 after the code

**This offer is only valid through 2/23/2014 – but stay tuned for more exclusive offers from Shop Dress. Let me know your thoughts on what you’d like to see in the comments!