50% off gemma redux jewelry

Via Refinery29 Reserve, spend $75, get $150, spend $150, get $300 or spend $300 and get $600 to spend at Gemma Redux through 12/31. I’ve partnered up with Refinery29 Reserve to feature my favorite picks for select deals; for this one, I’m loving the Augusta necklace:

30% off at Stanton James

Use code 3030 for 30% off your order at Stanton James (courtesy of Refinery29) through 3/3. They have a great selection of clothing by Elizabeth Gillett, Kristinit, Mink Pink, and jewelry by Lush – I am in LOVE with this LOVE ring, and its regular price is only $25!

Independent Boutiques Coupon Codes

Refinery29 (a great resource for independent shopping both online and off-line in NYC) has put together a great list of their favorite e-commerce sites (ours too…) and discounts. Visit their site for more details, but here are the codes:

Anica Boutique: 20% off with code “refinery29” through 10/31
Kick Pleat: 15% off with code “d3825li5a7” through 10/31
Oak NYC: use code refinery for 20% off through 10/16
Zoe: Free shipping through 10/31
Pixie Market: 10% off with code PIXIE10 through 10/31
i don’t like monday’s: 20% off with code IDLMxREFINERY29 through 10/31
Gargyle: 15% off with code GCCRF29 through 10/31
Standard Deviation: 20% off with code “refinery29” through 10/31
Sotto Boutique: 15% off with code refinery29 through 11/13

(check our list of coupon codes for more discounts for these boutiques after these expire)