olive shoes coupon code

Everything at Olive Shoes is at least 45% off – and you can save an additional 15% with code “grechen.” If you haven’t checked out Olive Shoes, they have a great selection of shoes/boots by coclico, chie mihara, cydwoq, repetto, and great by sandie handbags. I would totally go for these coclico sandals, which are already marked down to $102:

coclico sandal on sale at olive shoes

45% off at olive shoes

Today’s the last day of Olive Shoes’ ThanHanaMas sale, so you get 45% off everything (even sale items) with code THM on December 19 ONLY.  Choose from Cydwoq, Chie Mihara, handbags by Great by Sandie, boots by Mike & Chris, Coclico, Twenty Two Shoes, and much more. (click the boot to go to it’s specific page)

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