fullum & holt at emmy’s boutique + 20% off

If you are already a lover of Fullum & Holt handbags, or have yet to discover them, now is the time to do it. The original designer, Denis Gagnon, has left the company, and Emmy’s Boutique will no longer be carrying the line, so what’s in stock is it! I have the large spiral hobo and even though I hadn’t carried it in a while, I took it out again recently for a trip. It is my most lightweight bag, and no matter how many magazines and water bottles I stuffed into it, it was still very easy to carry. And the leather, SOFTER than a baby’s you-know-what.

According to Emily, owner of Emmy’s, the company brought in a new designer, but many current Fullum & Holt fans may be disappointed in the styles and leather – so if you’re a handbag connoisseur as I am, definitely check out the current collection at Emmy’s, and if you find something you like, GET IT!! (and use code Grechen for an extra 5% off the discount already posted at Emmy’s – Emmys15 for 15% off through 4/1)

15% off at emmy’s boutique

If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to check out one of our sponsors: Emmy’s Boutique. Emmy’s is a brick & mortar boutique based in Pennsylvania and recently branched out to include online shopping. She carries authentic designer sunglasses from Gucci & Valentino as well as Botkier & Kooba handbags, but what I love the most about it is she’s one of the only places online to sell Fullum & Holt handbags. (I received one to review a few months ago, and love it to death!) Right now, I’m crushing on the silver Botkier tote:


Use code “grechen15” for 15% off at Emmy’s Boutique.