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Use coupon code GCWB30 for 30% Off All Men’s and Women’s Great China Wall at BlueBee through 3/6. If you’re a fan of tattoo-inspired art on clothing, check out this deal – Great China Wall is one of the best, and it’s hard to find with a discount…I will admit, I kinda like this long skirt:

Great China Wall 2 Guns Long Skirt Vintage Black

save 40% at detour

Use code “holiday” for 40% off at Detour – they’ve just added some new items from Splendid, and I’m in love with this “moto” jacket:

$200 jeans on a budget: a shopping philosophy

(I published this also over at Grechen’s Closet, but I don’t allow comments there, and I’m interested in what you have to say on this. Honestly, it turned out to be more of a rant than I meant for it to be, but I am SO TIRED of people thinking that because we spend money on bags or clothes, that we’re “rich” or not interested in saving money.  I shop on a very limited budget; I’ve only recently purchased a few things after months of not buying ANYTHING for myself.  And the over-use of “budget” shopper or “budget” whatever really gets me going.  I mean, “budget” is SUBJECTIVE, everyone has a budget, for some it’s a little as $50/month for clothing, for some it may be $1,000; they are BOTH budget shoppers.  Anyway, read more below, a lot more, and then chime in, I’d love to hear from those of you who disagree with me on this!!)

I will freely admit I’m not a budget shopper. At least, I’m not a budget shopper in the sense that it means searching for the cheapest price possible on everything. I DO shop using a budget, my budget, of which the clothing portion is pretty low per month. So, in that sense I am a budget shopper…but let’s get real here: I love contemporary and designer brands, I don’t shop at Wal-Mart, I only occasionally buy clothing/shoes/accessories at Target, and buy all my groceries at Whole Foods. AND, yes, I buy $200 jeans on my budget.

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25% off at language

Use code “extra25” for 25% off at Language through 12/24. I LOVE this Charlott Vasberg bag: