10% off at american apparel

I have a one-time use 10% off code for American Apparel that I got for my birthday today…I’m not going to use it, so if you want it leave a comment below – first one gets it. It does say non-transferrable, but sometimes they just say that to scare you LOL…

Codes Expiring This Week (9/15 – 9/21)

Just Our Shoes: 20% off with code “3D-Sale” through 9/15
Tobi: 25% off with code FALLATTOBI (includes sale items) through 9/18
Dogeared jewelry: 20% off with code FASHIONWEEK08 through 9/15
Active Endeavors: 50% off Sale Items with code “thebig50” through 9/15
American Apparel: 15% off with code GET15 through 9/16
Jessica Elliot Jewelry: 25% off with code “summer08” through 9/15
Sotto Boutique: 20% off with code “grechen” through 9/15 (includes sale items)
Famous Fashions Found (celebrity style): 20% off with code EXTRA20 through 9/15 (FINAL SALE)