Shopbop Coupon Code: 20% off Sweaters & Jackets

Well, the Shopbop coupon codes are getting better every time…still not 20% off EVERYTHING, but at least it’s not a tiered code like it usually is. Anyway, on to the code!!

Take 20% off regularly-priced sweaters and jackets (not designer boutique or sale items) with code SHOPBOPSECRET through 9/29.

I’m tending to go for classic lately, and although I haven’t tried Splendid’s Cashmere pieces, I can’t see why I wouldn’t love them as much as their tees & lounge pants…or more.

Splendid Super Fine Cashmere Cardigan shopbop coupon code
Splendid Lofty Cashmere Cardigan shopbop coupon code
 shopbop coupon code Splendid Superfine Cashmere Cardigan

And I am really into Diane von Furstenberg’s jackets this season:

shopbop coupon code Diane von Furstenberg Smarty Jones Jacket
shopbop coupon code dvf morlea jacket shopbop coupon code dvf sabra coat

Happy Shopping!! Remember SHOPBOPSECRET for 20% off jackets and sweaters until 9/29.