Black Friday/Cyber Monday Savings Start Now

black friday coupon codes

It’s here…sale silly season. Oh boy. It can get a little crazy around here during this time, with all the codes/sales coming in, so as I’ve always done, I’ve consolidated them all on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales page. Some great sales have already started, and they’re listed there, but also remember that Net-a-Porter announces their US sale during this time, Shopbop will have another code, and maybe we’ll see something from James Perse (hint, hint…).

If you follow me at all over on Grechen’s Closet, you probably also know that I talk more and more about NOT buying, making more conscious decisions about what we choose to add to our wardrobes, and surviving sales whilst trying to live more minimally.

On the surface, it may seem as if there’s some contradiction in posting about sales & codes during this time, as if I’m trying to encourage consumption while at the same time DISCOURAGING it. I don’t see it this way. I have always believed in getting the best deal for whatever it is you buy, and this is my way of being a resource for that. I’m not going to STOP buying things completely – I can’t! – so for things I need or want to buy, I want to know where/when to get them at the best price, which is why I do this.

And, because barring the James Perse sale, I usually try to only buy in-season, with coupon codes, this is a good time for me 🙂 Hopefully for you too!