exclusive: 30% off eco-chic clothing from doie designs

one of my very favorite bamboo pieces (this dress) is by Doie Designs. I love the texture and weight of the bamboo jersey, and the lovely detail at the bottom of silk trim. Now, while I’ve said that bamboo is NOT as eco-friendly as organic cotton (at least bamboo that is chemically processed), it IS better than conventional cotton, and I cannot get enough of the luxurious feel and great fit of bamboo clothing.

Sara, the designer of Doie Designs, has been generous enough to offer all “Grechen” visitors 30% off at Doie Designs through December 3 with code “grechen08.” Check out the new “NYC Collection” and considering picking up some pieces as gifts. Think about your BFF or mom you’ve been trying to convert over to earth-friendlier fashion – bamboo is a great way to start; it’s soft, fits great, and is flattering on nearly all body types.