New Converse X Play CdG + 25% off at Azalea!!

I am a HUGE fan of all things Comme des Garcons: I’m on my second wallet, I have two pouches and a pair of Converse X Play CdG All Stars and am always obsessed with their newest items. Azalea, a long time Grechen’s Codes partner, just got in a couple new pairs of shoes and a whole slew of new wallets & pouches. The best thing, they bumped up their code again to 25% off (no restrictions), so you can stock up on CdG 🙂 Use code GRECHEN25 through July for an extra 25% off.

comme des garcons coupon code

1 Converse X Play CdG All Stars high-tops | $105 after the code at Azalea
2 Comme des Garcons marvelous zip pouch with blue zipper | $139 after the code
3 Comme des Garcons Marvelous wallet with pink zipper | $184 after the code
4 Comme des Garcons embossed wallet in green | $156 after the code
5 Converse X Play CdG All Stars low-tops in Black | $75 after the code

**see my outfit today featuring my Converse X Play CdG low tops