would you use a forum?

I’m thinking of installing a message board/forum here for discussion of coupon codes, deals, shopping, etc.
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Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section! I think a forum would be useful here, do you?

poll: are you buying? or are you over it already?

I don’t know…I’m kind of over it already, I’ll admit, I’ve had sale fatigue for months now. I haven’t bought much, mostly because I don’t have a ton of disposable income ATM, but also because I’m not seeing a lot I need – or want. I did finally cave and purchase the Thea dress at Hayden-Harnett this weekend for $39 (totally couldn’t pass that up), but that’s the only thing I’ve bought in months…

What do you think? What are you buying?

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new poll: budget shopping

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I’ll admit it, I went a teeny bit over budget this month, I could not resist the Shopbop codes….what about you??