Anne Maa Designs – Independent Jewelry Design

Anne Maa is
always moving forward, exploring the next level in jewelry design. Her
background in fashion design, Anne receives inspiration from the stones
and materials she uses, and designs for the woman who is design and
style savvy, has a strong sense of individuality, Is fashionable and
trendy, but not a fashion victim, and is decisive and knows what she
wants when she sees it.

And I know what I
want…the new METAL collection! Different from her previous beaded
collection, METAL is a primitive, organic and modern cast sterling
collection. It is full of irregularities, imperfections and
fingerprints. It has a sensuous and luscious feel and melds with your
skin when worn to become a part of you. Many of these pieces are one of
a kind.  20% off all earrings with code "Grechen"

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