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Up to 30% off at Madewell

Use code WINWIN at Madewell this weekend (ends 9/22) for 20% off your order of $100 or 30% off your order over $200. Um…the offer’s not valid on jeans, denim jackets or vests. So, forget about the jeans below, or not, because they’re really great on.

1 Skinny Skinny high-riser jeans | $128, sadly the discount is not valid on jeans (I tried these on. They’re SO GOOD. I just wish they were made in the US)
2 The nico boot | $150 after 20% off
3 Blazer Coat | $142 after 20% off
4 Madewell tracklist sidezip sweater | $89 before any discount (I have this: pictures/review on Grechen’s Closet)
5 Firelight marled pullover | $98 before any discount

sweaty betty sale

Sale Picks Today // up to 50% off at Sweaty Betty

I love Sweaty Betty for workout/lounge-around-the-house clothes and their sales are amazing…sizes seem to sell out very quickly, but I’ve found a few items with quite a few sizes left. I have several Sweaty Betty pieces and I’ve been very happy with them, as well as the company’s customer service. (they do have other colors than black & gray ;))

Pranayama yoga capris | $73 (I have these from a couple years ago and I love them)
Vinyasa yoga capri | $45
Niyama yoga tank | $53
Kriya yoga leggings | $19

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